From the cool to the silly, there are many ways to make money you have never heard of or might find unusual. Some people have taken unconventional career routes and have decided to do something little more than abstract. Read about some weird, yet interesting jobs out there.

1. Bike Couriers :

Image Courtesy: The Next Web

Bike couriers provide a valuable services in the cities where traffic is a huge problem, making it difficult for courier vehicles to deliver packages or couriers on time. This is where bike couriers come into play. Undeterred by traffic or parking problems, bike courier get across a city faster than any other mode of road transportation. While the digital era has taken over paper mails and other hard-copy documents, the bike couriers are still used for running errands by various industries, such as fashion and food.

2. Online Reviewer :

Image Courtesy: Entrepreneur

Internet has become a valuable source for consumers looking to find the right restaurant, hotel or something they might be interested in. Due to this reason, the accountability of Online Reviewers has increased. The cognitive response of people depends upon the reviews and responses of these reviewers. All you are needed is to visit these places, experience the services (food in case of restaurants) and review it unbiasedly. There have been instances of freelance reviewers as well business owners seeking out writers to write reviews for them. So, if you think you can do justice to a company’s offering with your writing, then it is the job for you.

3. Pick Up Artists :

Image Courtesy: Ask Men

Having trouble meeting women? You must seek out for “PUA” or “pick up artist”. Although a PUA bootcamp can cost upto $3000, it is quite effective. These camps are held all over the world at various locations. One of the most PUA instructors is James Matador who talks about methods and ways of attracting women through “Mystery Methods” telecasted on VH1.

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