Ways to simplify your taxes

In the recent times, India has seen many changes economically. Like demonetization, the passing of GST bill, Rexit, new policies in airways, railways and much more. The nation was also promised new reforms like the ease of doing business, inflation control, fiscal deficit, trade deficit, job creation and manufacturing revival. While some of them were achieved, some are still work in progress. Each had varied reactions in the society. However, it was the new tax system that hit the hardest. For many, it is a tough task to understand the specifics of the newly introduced GST.

People are always looking for ways to simplify the whole process of taxes.

So, it’s only thanks to technology that there are apps that will make the work of doing one’s tax less overwhelming.

Given below are the mobile apps that can help you simplify your taxes –


1.H&R Block Tax Preparation app :


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The app allows you to start filing your self-employed taxes and state return for free. Whether it’s a simple tax return or something more H&R Block Tax Preparation is a nifty app. Once the complexity of a tax return is decided one can pay anywhere from roughly 1800-5000 INR to file it electronically.


2. IRS2Go mobile app


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IRS2Go is the app that gets to you to an expert to handle your finances. It allows you to interact with the IRS directly, via your mobile phone. One can even get an in-person help from a qualified personnel in their local area.

The app gives access to daily tax tips and information on the newest tax legislation as it’s released. It securely checks the status of one’s refund or requests a copy of their tax return and/or account transcript.


4. TurboTax mobile app :


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A time efficient app, TurboTax that allows you to file a return on the go. A good fit for individuals and self-employed freelancers alike one can take pictures of their tax forms and upload them right into the app. It also gives access to a qualified tax professional right at your fingertips.

You can sync the app with your TurboTax account and fill out the question-by-question tax preparation throughout the day. It also helps you search for more forms.

So, the next time you find yourself stuck with your taxes just download these efficient apps on your smartphones. Technology affects most of the aspects of our lives, so it’s only right to have such amazing apps on our phones.

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