Weird games that exist!

Bored of playing the regular and common sports of football, cricket, hockey or basketball? Well there are a ton of sports out there that are a silly combination of weird things that you just have to try.

Here is a list of silly sports around the world that you could try:


1.Bed racing:


This sport is really fun and it needs just five people in a team with one on the bed.The team members carry their own bed with a moveable trolley and decorate it according to the theme. Four members of the team push the bed with one person sitting on it towards the finish line.


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2.Outhouse Racing


It is a famous race where the teams of four or more members create their own outhouse. An outhouse isa small structure which looks like outdoor toilet. One person will be sitting inside and the others will be pushing, pulling and dragging the outhouseto the finish line.


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3.Beer Pong:


All you need for this game are ten plastic cups filled with beer and kept it in triangle at two ends of a table. The person standingnear the cups have to aim the ping pong ball towards the other end of the table were the cups are placed, while the person standing the other side have to drink if the ball is thrown into the glass. This is one game where no one loses.


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This sport is one that combines fun with exercise. It is a race where you just need a skipping rope and you have sprint and as you sprint you need to skip with rope and reach the end of the finish line. Simple, crazy, weird and fun.


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5.Underwater Hockey:


Hockey is played on ground and on ice so why not under water?The rules are the same 10 players in a team and only 6 play. Equipment needed is swimwear, mask, snorkel, fins, glove and goals. A stick the size of a banana is used to push the metal puck around the pool. Definitely fun for those who love swimming.


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These are few crazy sports from around the world, which one of thesewould you add to your bucket list.

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