The Waterless Booth

The waterless booth was set up for the introduction of the new HE Waterless face wash. The booth was strategically placed at locations where people's need for washing their face was more. People passing by were invited to wash their face at this booth. As they reached out to the tap for washing their face, there was no water. To solve this problem of not being able to find water on the go, people were asked to press the dispenser containing the HE waterless face wash. The steps to use the HE waterless face are very easy. 1. Take a drop and apply it on the face 2. Wipe it off with a tissue/handkerchief. And every time an individual pressed the dispenser an automated tweet was generated stating the total number of people who washed their face without using any water.

So men, now have a clean and fresh face anytime, anywhere with the HE Waterless Face Wash.