Interesting Initiatives

Every man is interesting in his own way, he is funny, crazy, adventurous and unique. Through our initiatives we wish to unleash their interesting side.

Keep an eye out on this space for here is where everything interesting will happen and you will have a chance to bring out the adventurer within you.

HE Be Interesting

Sometimes in life you can only choose between the hard way and the smart way;
that is when HE Deodorants came along and showed us the best way to get things done, the man way.

That is what makes a man interesting. That is why HE is interesting.


HE 'Respect' is more than a deodorant. It is a scent that announces the arrival of a man who respects women. His thoughts and actions, are what separate ‘Real Men’ from the rest. There's 'male' and there's 'female'. He doesn't believe there's a weaker sex. He doesn't patronize, stereotype, interrupt. He listens. HE looks into her eyes when he talks to her. Read More Buy Now


The passionate man is driven by an inner fire, to strive to achieve the unattainable. He is a go-getter in all aspects of his life & his caring persona is inimitable. White strong, masculine, Fougere notes, HE 'Passion' is a refreshing fragrance with 'Zero Gas'. Read More Buy Now


HE Icy Collection is for the man who doesn't like to live life in the shade. He goes out to make the impossible a reality & that too, without losing a sweat. His cool demeanour & refreshing personality is complemented by this awesome he deodorant product that makes a day in the sun truly enjoyable. Read More Buy Now

what's interesting

How to be interesting? How to be HE? It's as simple as being yourself, and doing what you want.

The will to do more than what is needed is what makes a man interesting. Just like Hrithik, read about all the men who have what they need and still go out of their way to help those in need and be the men they want to be.