An introvert’s guide to start a conversation

Socializing for introverts can be challenging. Since they feel comfortable while spending time alone, having conversations with a number of people can be exhausting. Does it sounds like you? If yes, don’t worry as we understand the difficulty one can find to have start a conversation. Unfortunately, you can’t really avoid interacting with others because it’s just a part of our routine social life. But don’t sweat, as we have got the perfect guide to take you take you through it.


1. Have an open body language :


Would you like to have a conversation with someone who has their arms crossed over and frown on the face? We don’t think so! According to a research, 90% of our communication is non-verbal. So if you want to strike as a conversationalist, you should definitely work on your body language. All you have to do is to maintain a proper eye contact, smile, stand up straight and avoid touching your face.



2. Follow your curiosity :


Introverts are good observers so if it sounds like you, make sure you take advantage of this habit. All you have to do is pay attention when the person is talking to you and observe yourself that what you find interesting in them. People love talking about them, their passion and everyone has a story to tell. By following your curiosity and genuinely taking interest in the conversation, you will make them feel interesting as well they shall be interested in you.



3. Ask good questions :


The quality of questions you ask will lead the quality of conversation. Whatever you do avoid asking one-to-one ended question where you will have the conversation in just Yes and No responses. To have a more interactive conversation, you ask open-ended questions. To give an example instead of asking “Do you like your job?” you can ask “What do you like about your job?”



There you have it! A complete conversation starter pack. Now, don’t let the reason being an introvert come in between you having an amazing conversation!

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