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Millions of people commute to work every day. To put an honest day’s work can be tough and challenging enough. So it is only human to expect that the commuting does not make it any harder. But the exhausting traffic, water logging during monsoons, highly humid days and off-schedule public transit can easily make a person wish for more holidays and long weekends.

For many, travelling becomes the toughest part of the day. People are always looking for ways to simplify the whole process of commuting. So, it’s only thanks to technology that there are apps that will make the work of going from one place to another less overwhelming.
Simply have a look at these amazing apps to aid with your trip to work and back –


1. Automatic :

Everyone wants a smart app at their disposal when driving somewhere. You may not be driving your dream car but you can make it smarter. Simply plug in the automatic adaptor into your car’s diagnostic port under the dashboard. Pair it with the automatic mobile app and you’ll have access to a lot of helpful information like exact mileage and specific issues in your car.

Further, it can help you find parking space and even integrate with expensing tools like Concur.


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2. Google maps and Waze :

One often needs help to drive themselves to work. While there are many apps that do the trick, each having its own pros and cons, the point comes down to what works best in your area.

Google maps is considered to be a highly reliable navigation app. Garnering positive reviews it also does public transit directions.

On the other hand, Waze is popular among the people due to its crowd-sourced traffic and police location information. It shows everything from expected time of arrival to reported gas prices, real-time traffic and road information.


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3. Audible :

A perfect fit for the all the book lovers, Audible is the best way to listen to audio-books on the go. It features a huge library and the ability to store books for offline access.

If you are a Kindle user, you can even sync it with the app which lets you continue from where you left off if you wish to start reading the old-fashioned way.

So, your search ends here with the best commuting apps at your disposal. A mount of solution the next time you go need help when travelling.


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