Best animation software

Today, animated videos are a complete rage and are gaining more popularity with each passing day. People use animation for various different purposes from running efficient marketing campaigns to simply wishing a friend with an animated video message. However, the point is to find a software or an online tool that can meet your needs. You can choose from the different types of software available both offline and online, for professional and amateur users, 2D and 3D animation creators, etc.

Here are some of the best animation software –


1. Anime Studio :


A complete animation program for creating 2D movies, cartoons, anime and cut out animations. Anime Studio has everything to make your animations amazing and professional.


2. Autodesk 3ds Max :


It is a professional 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations, models, games, and images. Developed and produced by Autodesk Media and Entertainment, The software has modelling capabilities, a flexible plugin architecture which can be used on the Microsoft Windows platform. Frequently used by video game developers, many TV commercial studios, and architectural visualisation studios, the software is also used for movie effects and movie pre-visualisation. For its modelling and animation tools, the latest version of 3ds Max also features shades, dynamic simulation, particle systems, radiosity, normal map creation and rendering, global illumination, a customizable user interface, new icons, and its own scripting language.


3. Adobe Flash :


It is a multimedia system for computers that are generally accessed through a web browser. However, it is also used for standalone development and as a method of creating compelling user interfaces and menus on some mobile phones. The software is also known to support streaming videos on sites like YouTube. Adobe is now promoting Flash through its Open Screen Project, which counts many other companies as members. Quite some phones use a system called Flash Lite, which offers a subgroup of the full Flash capabilities that is enough to enable most online Flash-based video content to be viewed.


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