Four apps that can help you overcome boredom!

We’ve all had those times when boredom sucks all the fun out of life. Maybe you’re on a long journey, waiting in a never-ending queue, stuck in traffic that has been in the same state for the past 25 minutes, or maybe you’re having just a plain lazy day. Such days happen to all of us and we cut the time by turning to some activity that makes us feel more alive. However, sometimes nothing seems to get us out of boredom. Even the apps on our android phones fail to perk us up. What do you do then? How do you kill the boredom?

We’ve scouted about and found 4 fun Android apps that will instantly put an end to your boredom. Go ahead, kill boredom!


1. Stumble Upon:



If you are interested in viewing new ideas, thoughts, and creativity, StumbleUpon will wake you up from your boredom with its impressive inventory of articles, videos, images, and more from around the world. You can search for stuff based on your interests and can also share, like, and save the ones you like. Discover a whole new world on your smartphone right from this app.


2. Pac-Man:



Pac-Man doesn’t require any introduction. But even so, you know that you will never ever get bored when you have Pac-Man with you. This evergreen game will keep you hooked and you’ll forget that you were even bored in the first place. Have fun eating the dots while escaping those ghosts in the maze.


3. Wattpad:



Love reading? Are an author? Or just want to pass some time? There’s one answer for all three – Wattpad. This is an addictive international digital library of free books by famous authors and upcoming authors across various genres. You can add the books to your reading collection on the app, follow the stories, and comment on them. It’s a great way to get engrossed in the twists and turns of the stories written by talented writers. What’s more, you can be an author yourself and publish your own stories from your smartphone on this app for the world to read.


4. 9Gags:



You might have come across the online version of this highly entertaining and addictive site. Browse through hilarious GIFs, video clips, and memes through the 9Gags app on your android smartphone. You can also download images and videos to your mobile phone and share with your friends and family.
This is how easy it is to slay that awful boring feeling that overcomes you. The next time around you’re bored, you know that you can depend on these 8 fun android apps for a boredom-free and enjoyable time.

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