Three Best Reminder Apps for Android

As the to-do lists for everyone become longer, it is almost impossible to remember every detail mentally. Often, people find themselves having missed out on an important event or late for an activity because they couldn’t remember it on time. Now, with the advancements in smartphone technology, you no longer have to worry about missing anything important ever again. The reminder apps available for all smartphones alert you ahead of time of all the important events in your life. Here we bring you some of the best reminder apps that can keep track of your life for you allowing you to always be everywhere on time.

1. :



A daily task planner, this app is a god sent for people that are looking to track and monitor multiple activities at a time. You can also share your tasks with other people like friends or family and share attachments via the app. What’s more if you are someone that is constantly noting down events and activities across multiple devices, this app is perfect as it syncs all the devices and displays your details together. You can even see your to-do task list in a detailed list format ensuring you have checked everything in time. Latest updates also introduced a web browser, allowing you to link your tasks online as well.


2. Wunderlist :



Another wonderful app to list all your activities in a systematic manner, the wunderlist app can record and maintain your ideas for easy reference. Apart from creating your grocery ad pantry list, this app also allows you to note down details for any event or vacation you may be planning. You can share these details with other people on the app as well as attach photos and videos for added benefit. What’s more is that you can even check the notifications for this app on supported android watches for quicker access.


3. Google keep :



A great reminder app, Google keep lets you keep all your reminders and important details in one place. This app can sync across multiple devices allowing you to store your events anywhere. Google keep also allows users to activate voice command for easier access as well as share details of reminders and events with other people. A great addition here, however, is the location based reminder that allows users to get notified for a task at a particular location.


These reminder apps on your phone are sure to remind you of every important task in your life and get you there on time. So head to the play store right away and set your reminders in one place.

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