Best Android phones

Whilst there’s an upbeat spirit of a variety of phones in the market with iPhone, Android still continues to hold a monopoly over people who truly value choice. There has been a wealth of handsets this year from affordable to the flagships that have won over the market extensively. So, with the sea of options available, and all the devices being powerhouses brimming with features, it is hard to pick one. However, the form and its functions are not entirely helpful in giving you a complete picture.

Here’s a list of best Android phones in recent times –


1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 :


The feature-packed Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a highly productive smartphone. Also, it is one of most selling phones in the market. Samsung has used the Note line up to showcase the best it has to offer and this phone’s features are such that easily make it the best Android phone right now.


2. Samsung Galaxy S9+ :


One of the extremely powerful phones, Samsung Galaxy S9+ is the best for people who like big screens. With a 6.2 inch QHD display, its AMOLED panels look the best. Quite similar to Samsung S8 in design, the Samsung S9+ is the most ergonomic big screen smartphone today and is the best for big screen lovers.


3. Huawei P20 Pro :


Putting every other smartphone to shame, the Huawei P20 Pro has the Leica branded optics along with amply size imaging sensors. Its brilliant colour treatment makes it an amazing and distinctive smartphone. So, if you are looking for the best Android phone with a camera to kill for, this is the phone you should go for.


4. LG G7+ ThinQ :


A water and dust resistant phone, the LG G7+ is a phone with a beautiful QHD Dolby vision certified display and audiophile-grade audio output. All of this packaged in a bow and below Rs 40000 thereby making it simply the best to buy.


What are you waiting for, Grab your best android phone now.

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