10 movies every man should watch

Ever watched a movie and wanted to tell every guy you knew about it? Well, out of the many genres of movies out there, action movies are generally every man’s favourite; so for those of you who love to watch action movies, we have a list of movies we feel every man should watch at least once.


1. The Godfather:


This is one offer you definitely can’t refuse! Whether you are a movie buff or no, this is one movie you must watch. Everything about this movie says brilliance, not to mention the great plot and the amazing performance by Mr. Brando.



2. Dirty Harry:


A movie that spawned four sequels and is known as one of the greatest spaghetti western classics of all time, Dirty Harry is a classic that can be watched countless times. In the off chance you haven’t watched it, add it to your list.



3. Rocky:


A brilliant movie with a theme song that almost every movie aficionado knows and hums ever time the movie plays.This movie was the breakout role for Stallone and definitely has a spot in everyone’s favourite movies list.



4. Independence Day:


A worldwide death-match between humans and aliens, this movie has everything from a brilliant cast to a great plot that had everyone glued to the edge of their seats. And oh boy did the speech by ‘The President’ give everyone chills. If only there were words to describe the movie.


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5. 300:


The simple notion of 300 men facing countless hoards of warriors seems like a one sided affair, until you watched the movie and realised it wasn’t fair to the countless hoards. The battle cries, the tactics, the fight sequences and quiet honestly King Leonidas make this a man’s movie.



6. Rambo:


Another classic Stallone flick that every guy can watch a million times, Rambo was one of the movies that cemented Stallone’s place as one of the great tough guys on the silver screen.More than 3 decades later, an action movie marathon isn’t complete without Rambo in the list.



7. Terminator 2:


If there is one character more famous than Santa Claus it would definitely be the Terminator. The home of one of cinema’s most quoted lines, this is one of the most amazing action movies ever made. If you haven’t watched it, go rent it, buy it, borrow it or steal it; but watch it!



8. Pulp Fiction:


We dare you, we double dare to not add this movie to your movie-marathon list. A movie this cool that redefines cinema and stirs up such a storm is rare. With Jackson and Travolta leading this flick supported by countless other greats, this is something you cannot miss; at all!



9. Alien:


Aliens make another entry on this list. This time it isn’t the planet against the aliens, its one woman trying to survive. This may not be a pure action movie but it sure gets you rooting for Ripley all throughout. If you haven’t already watched it, make sure you do.



10. Commando:


Arnie is back and he isn’t going anywhere until he leaves behind ‘just bodies’.A total guy movie that is filled with action and explosions from the get go. This is just one of the many movies of Arnie’s that you simply must watch. They just don’t make them like these anymore.



Clearly this list isn’t long enough to include countless movies that are perfect for a man’s movie marathon. Let us know which of these you’ve watched and which ones you think should have been part of the list.

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