10 types of tattoos you could get

Getting inked is something that almost every guy wants to get done, but few have what it takes to go through with it. A tattoo is something that will remain with you for a long time, unless you get it removed. So when it comes to making a decision on which tattoo to get, we can’t really help you. But we can sure help you get the type/style of the tattoo selected before you can dive into the details. So here are a few of the famous styles that you could try.




The type of tattoos that fall under this category have a more modern take on the art and can be practically anything. A random mesh of images and art that definitely have more meaning to the one getting it than to others around them, these type of tattoos are quite a spectacle and interesting too.





These type of tattoos are made using shades of black that are diluted to bring out great shades of grey.These types of tattoos are where the skills of the artist are tested. They make use of various shades of grey and black to bring out intriguing details in the art and make it look spectacular.





Symbols such as cherry blossoms, Buddha, lotus, dragons, koi fish, yin yang, war dogs and even samurais represent Asian culture. If you have an inclination towards such art, then an Asian style tattoo will suit you well. But these tattoos however do not look that great in single symbols but instead look great when part of a bigger picture.





Thanks to the improvement in tattoo machines, inks and needles, artists are now able to bring out much finer and crisp details out in a tattoo. The real beauty of such tattoos are brought out in those that involve a lot of shades and shadows.





Religion and tattoos have links for years now. Egyptians would tattoo their dead, Christians would tattoo the cross on their arms to signify themselves as a devout Christians. So getting a religious tattoo can be both religious and cool.





Tribal tattoos are always made in black and make use of interesting geometric designs. They have been used by many tribes over the years to signify protection, bravery, cultural beliefs and even milestones in a person’s life.





Often used to portray the fine line between detailed photorealistic images and tattoos, these are often sceneries or objects prized by the one getting inked and are a true piece of art.





Names of loved ones, phrases, quotes and ambigram tattoos come under this unique type of style. Generally done with black ink and rarely in colour, this is a common style for someone who wants something simple. The thing you need to keep an eye out for is the font. Picking a bad one will result in a tattoo that isn’t very legible.





Want to have someone you love go everywhere with you? A portrait tattoo is the best one for you. Often realistic and known for their intricate details people get portraits of their loved ones, role models, sports stars, movie stars, historical figures and sometimes even their pets. These tattoos often show love and admiration towards the person who the portrait is based on.





After you have picked a good style of tattoo, spent a lot of money and gotten it done, the artist tattooing you ends up doing a horrible job to say the least. Then you are presented with two general choices; live with a brilliant horrible mistake or get it removed, which is both painful, time consuming and pretty expensive. The third possible choice you have is to get another tattoo done that will cover up the previous mess. It comes at a price which is better than living with an amalgamation of ink on your skin.



Besides the ones we mentioned above, there are other styles such as Celtic, Haida, Stonework, Surreal/Horror, Stippling, Graffiti, White Ink, etc which are pretty famous among tattoo artists. If there are other types that you feel deserved a spot on the list in place of another, let us know in the comments below.

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