A sane man once very rightly quoted ‘Life is like a moustache. It can be wonderful or terrible, but it always tickles.’ But even if you’re still at the slow-moving stubble stage, it’s time you gave your desired look some thought so that you can start off on the right foot and achieve groomed moustache – cause it’s never too late anyway. Here, we take a look at the four best celebrity moustaches/beards.


1. Ryan Gosling :


Image Courtesy:  Men’s Hairstyle Web
Image Courtesy: Men’s Hairstyle Web


There is nothing better than a man who can nail both his suit and his moustache. And who better than Ryan Gosling! The actor missed out on winning an Oscar for his movie La La Land but if there was any award for the best moustache then he definitely would have a strong chance.


2. Ranveer Singh :


Image Courtesy: Sayidaty
Image Courtesy: Sayidaty


Growing and maintaining a moustache isn’t rocket science, however it is an operation in precision and care. And a great moustache is indeed a great responsibility and Ranveer Singh ace’s it through and through. The rise of Ranveer Singh is impeccable and his moustache has certainly played a huge part in the same.


3. David Beckham :


Image Courtesy: Gazette Review
Image Courtesy: Gazette Review


David Beckham has the perfect life. And he has the perfect beard too. The Manchester United/Real Madrid superstar has been inspiration for almost all teenage boys when it comes to his hairstyles and football skills. His famous Mohawk is the famous of the lot and it just spread everywhere like a forest fire. Thank god for David Beckham!

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