5 Cool Things You Would Want To Own

One thing a man does better than a woman in life is enjoy the little things. But sometimes there are those things he doesn’t particularly love or need but just wants to own. We are not talking about giant water slide (which would not be that bad), but 5 cool innovations that would fit right into a ‘man cave’. These items range from affordable to expensive, for whether you’re making that cheddar or balling on a budget. Either way, make sure you check them out.


1. Dining table with a built in cooler:


What could be more apt for the summers than to have this in your mantuary. Sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the summer, because getting up to get your drink is too mainstream.




2. Swiss army Key Ring:


Most people have to keep track of a few keys and the easiest way to do this is a key ring. But who cares what most people do when you can do it better. This handy little device keeps your keys in the same orientation and thus makes it easier to find the keys that you need quicker.




3. Nano R/C Quadcopter:


Super agile, super stable and super fun. A perfect way to unwind at home or at this office. Caution: if you have a pet be careful while flying it around your living room!




4. Marshall Fridge:


Guitar amp on the outside, cold beverage on the inside. What better way to cool off after practicing with your band than just reaching into this. This suave little thing could pimp out your bachelor pad in an instant.




5. The Bibliochaise:


Just like Iron Throne is the seat of kings in the Seven Kingdoms, the Bibliochaise could be the ultimate throne for abibliophile. Also nothing saves some bookshelf space like a chair that allots individual compartments for every single book.




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