5 Extreme Adventure Sports Destinations In India

Though India is relatively new to some of the adventure sports, like Scuba diving, snorkelling, paragliding, in the past few years, it has become well known spot for many intriguing adventure sports!


Here are a few of them that can help your adrenaline rush to its maximum!


1. River Rafting in Himachal:


The rivers coming down from the Great Himalayas are the best for its white water rafting. Rivers like Chanderbhaga, Bhagirathi Satluj and Ravi are a few names that pop up when someone mentions river rafting in the Himilayas. The thrills that are inside you till you reach the end of a dangerous river are always memorable! Kayaking in these rivers is also a good option!




2. Scuba Diving in Andaman:


The Andaman and Nicobar islands are union territories of India and famous for its virgin beaches and unexplored beauty of nature. These small islands are known for exciting scuba diving and snorkelling. Havelock Island is one of best sport to explore the underwater untouched beauty of the Andaman Islands.




3. Flying Fox in Kerala:


Apart from its usual adventure water sports, Kerala also offers one of the most extreme and interesting sport called Flying Fox. It’s an enchanting journey above the hills, rivers or valleys with a super strong steel zip line, and a breath taking view of the earth! The name “Flying Fox” refers to the animal, Giant Flying Fox. Kerala also offers extreme adventures sports like Mountaineering, Valley crossing and Trampoline.




4. Paragliding in Maharashtra:


Maharashtra’s famous Western Ghats are one of the most preferred adventure sport destination in India. Places like Kamshet, Lonala, Panchgini and Mahabaleshwar are well known for their recreational flying sports. Paragliding alongside Parachuting and Skydiving are very popular here.




5. Mountaineering in Uttarakhand:


When someone says mountaineering in India, the first place that comes to their head is the North! Uttrakhand, a more famous mountaineering spot, where you can see forest covered mountains or beautiful snow covered mountains with rocky hills and enchanting meadows. This is a very challenging sport as it needs mountain climbing skills, performed on extremely high altitudes.




So which among these would you try first?

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