5 Interesting Travel Hacks

Travelling is always an adventure and adventures are never certain. There’s a surprise waiting for you at every turn; so you have to be prepared. Whether you’re out there drifting with a bunch of friends or decide to take a solo trip; these 5 interesting and inexpensive travel hacks will make your life super easy.


1. Homemade Charger:


A small, simple and extremely powerful USB charger for your Mobile phone, mp3 player, camera or any other gadget that needs a USB port to charge! The charger circuitry and 2 AA batteries fit into a small tin box, and can run your iPod for hours!




2. Your Very Own Soda Can Stove:


This is one of the coolest travel hacks that you can ever use! A soda can that can be transformed into a gas stove! Almost all the materials you need are already lying around your place. The only thing you might not have is a tape that won’t burn when you use your stove. You can find a high-temperature tape in any hardware store.




3. Disposable Utensils:


Whether you’re trekking on a mountain or camping with your friends in a forest; disposable utensils are a life saver. Who knew one empty plastic bottle can easily deliver about three spoons and a cup? All you have to do is cut and use.




4. Candles:


It’s time you forget about emergency candles! All you need to do is carry a few crayons. A crayon will usually burn for about 20-30 minutes! Need a constant flame for a fire starter? A crayon candle is your pick!




5. Life Straw:


The Life Straw is an ingeniously simple water filter which anyone can use. It isn’t much of a travel hack, it is an essential. It is of great use in emergency situations when you’re in need of water. It also reduces the chance of water borne diseases and is a must while packing your travel bag.




So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and leave already!


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