5 New Inventions Made For The Rains

Rains always create a huge impact to our daily life, be it good or bad. Your travelling gets affected; you worry about your gadgets getting spoilt and get annoyed of constantly getting wet in the rains! Here are a few inventions that could make your life in the rains much easier!


1. The Rain Shield:


The Rain Shield completely changes the way an umbrella looks! This redesign of the umbrella provides you with additional side coverage to protect yourself against the windblown rain and splashes. The canopy above comes with a smooth round finish. Walking outside during heavy rains is more practical with this because the rains always fall at an angle!




2. The Rain Runner:


Motorcyclists have always had a tough time riding in the rains. It’s mainly because the rain directly hits them when they ride a bike making it difficult to ride. But now, we have a solution to deal with this problem! A portable, fold-flat, quickly-deployable rain shield for a motorcycle! This shield also covers the person sitting behind the rider.




3. Texting Mittens:


You can now enjoy a theatre-like movie watching experience in your pool with this Airblown deluxe outdoor movie screen. Watch your favourite movies, TV shows or even play games in your Play Station on its 16.9 screen! It self-inflates with a built-in fan to become a wide, full-size, 12-foot-high movie screen in a few seconds. Bring your party to a perfect end by bringing this essential home.




4. LevinTM Solar Panel Charger:


The first ever rain-resistant and shock proof portable solar charger! This charger recharges itself under sunshine and can charge your phone to about 50%-60% at one go! This portable charger is very efficient when you are on a long trip or a good trek. The shock proof feature makes this gadget more durable during the rains and ensures that it to work properly even when you drop or crash it!




5. Eco Terra Waterproof Boombox:


The Eco Terra has been carefully built with two large waterproof stereo speakers. There’s an internal waterproof storage to hold all your valuables like your wallet, keys phone, etc. This boom box is 100% waterproof. You can throw this one in the pool, and it’ll float with the speakers pointed upwards!




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