5 Types Of Bikes That You Can Choose From

Say what you must, but a bike is truly a man’s best friend. In a country like ours where traffic can make you want to pull your hair out, a bike helps you get in and out of the crunch within no time. But with so many companies selling many more models, it can get confusing and difficult for someone buying a bike for the first time. So here we are with a list, making it just a tad bit simpler for those of you who plan of buying your first bike.




These types of bikes are for those who want to use it as a mode of transport. These bikes tend to have low powered engines, comfortable riding positions and are big on mileage. These features are however not something that a bike enthusiast will want, but is a starting point for most first time buyers.





This class of bikes is for those who love roads but love going off the road even more. These bikes tend to have a little more power than commuter bikes with a primary focus on their suspensions and tire traction for those rugged and rough roads. Riding these bikes around the city will be a waste of your cash and must only be picked if you love going on trips across the state.





If road trips are your thing and conquering the highway is what you love to do, you need to get a beast that falls in this category of bikes. Their comfortable riding position, the powerful engines that sit at the heart and amazing handling are the reason why these are preferred on long road trips that can go on for days. These do love to burn a lot of fuel, but that’s the price you pay for an amazing road trip experience.





Specifically made to go fast, these are for the speedster in you.From its design to its engine, everything about this bike shouts speed!Their seating maybe awkward, their mileage maybe low, but their power is off the charts and the handling will definitely feel smooth. The only reason to not buy these types of bikes is either because you don’t have the money for it or because you are an amateur rider.





A class that falls between sports and cruiser, these bikes have the best of both categories.Built to literally look muscular and big, these have everything a bike enthusiast will want. The seating is comfortable, their mileage is decent, they have a lot of engine power, they can go really fast and they look really, really cool.What more reasons do you need to buy one of these?



Think we missed out on any specific type of bike? Let us know in the comments and we might just add it to our list and spread the word. After all, we are men and we simply love our rides.


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