2017 has been ruled by content and video-on-demand platforms. These two have taken the entertainment industry by a storm. With giants like Amazon and Star venturing into this medium with Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar respectively, the industry as competition and hence the quality of content is improving by the day. There is so much of variety, apart from films and shows, available for selection. If you are tired of watching shows and movies, here are the best documentaries you can watch.


1.I Called Him Morgan :

After a brilliant documentary on drug kingpins dealing with drugs between Mexican-American borders, Matthew Heineman is back again with City of Ghosts – a study of courage under immense fire in Raqqa and how it is being Slaughtered Silently. A group of citizen journalists committed to showcase ISIS reign of terror in Syria and this documentary documents just that.



2.The death and life of Marsha P. Johnson :

Known as “the Rosa Parks of the LGBT movement”, Marsha P. Johnson, a transgender icon, was found dead in 1992 where her body was discovered in the Hudson River. The Police deemed it to be a suicide, but this documentary argues otherwise. Find out what actually happened when Victoria Cruz – an Anti-Violence Project activist – reopens the case.



3.One of us :

One of Us is a documentary that focuses entirely on how difficult it is to escape religious fundamentalism, depicted through a harrowing first-person detail. The documentary by Heidi Ewing and Rachel covers three young people trying to leave NYC Hasidic Jewish community.



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