Contemporary Beard Styles Of This Year!

1. Designer Stubble:


Also known as the “Five o’clock shadow”, is a growth of beard, aimed to give a rugged masculine feel. This unkempt look became popular in the 1980’s, and the best known of all “designer stubble” wearers was George Michael.




2. The Rugged Professional Look:


This requires plenty of attention as you grow it; the hair must be kept shorter and the lines should be shard and tighter, stopping midway up the cheek and connecting fairly even with the mustache line. This beard gives your face definition and a strong character. Make sure to shave the neck area and create a defined line underneath the chin.




3. The Full Beard:


Nothing says manly more than the full bearded look! It shows that you are virile, self-confident and bold. You can give it a classy look by grooming your beard when it’s rugged and in tangles. It requires very little maintenance, and is arguably the most popular beard style.




4. The Anchor:


This beard is a mix of a moustache, soul Patch and a goatee-like whisker, this style is a crowd pleaser indeed. If your facial hair grows fast, you should trim it regularly. Always remember, keep it clean.



5. The Bandholtz Beard (aka The Hipster Beard):

Despite its rough and shaggy appearance, growing a Bandholtz beard requires a level of maintenance and patience! Some wearers prefer to avoid growing a “neck beard” and have to shave the neck area regularly. Others also trim the moustache, and shape it and sport magnificent handlebar moustaches, which can require extensive grooming and styling.



6. The Van Dyke:

This one specifically consists of a goatee with a disconnected moustache. When done right, the Van Dyke is downright classy, and it requires regular upkeep to maintain its unique look.



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