Aditya Tiwari: India’s Youngest Single Parent To Adopt A Special Child

Aditya Tiwari was finally handed over the toddler suffering from Down’s syndrome after fighting for adoption for more than a year. This was probably the first time in that a single parent at such young age had adopted a special child. Aditya, 28, who works for an MNC in Pune, had been trying to adopt one-and-a-half-year old Binney since September 2014. He had to fight with authorities for the child suffering from genetic disorder and a hole in his heart, but had hit the wall as old norms did not allow single parents below 30 to adopt. Decks were cleared when adoption rules changed from August 1 last year, bringing down the age to 25. Still there was a delay of five months after change in adoption norms. He is really an inspiration for others.

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