Arun Krishnamurthy – Meet the young man who helped more than 1000 families during the recent Chennai rains

Arun Krishnamurthy’s and EFI were also among the many groups in Chennai that came forward to help people who were hit badly by the torrential rains and floods across the state last week. Arun and his team helped the people buy providing them with basic needs such as fresh drinking water, bread, biscuits, blankets and mosquito repellents, fruits (banana and apple) This were the Primary Response.

The secondary Response: With the help of the District Administration we identified families that have lost everything and provided them with an essential family kit of 5-8 kg of rice, 2-3 kg of pulses, blankets, dhotis-sarees, sleeping mats, vessels-plates-tumblers, milk powder, salt, sugar, sanitary pads, torch/candles with matchbox, water strainer All of this in one kit per family.

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