Madhuchandan SC – A software engineer, who left America and returned home to help villagers in his homeland

Madhuchandan SC decided to return to his homeland in his 30’s after a successful stint in the US. So he packed his bag and headed to Mandya, Karnataka, in 2014 with rigour to make a difference in India. Madhuchandan set up the Mandya Organic Farmers’ Cooperative Society in 2015, with the aim of bringing organic farming to the forefront again. Although there were some farmers in Mandya who were doing organic farming, they were not getting a good price for their produce. The objective of the Society is to uplift the farmers and help them grow.

Organic Mandya bridges the gap between the farmers and the consumers. Madhuchandan and four of his IT friends got together and pooled in Rs. 1 crore to set up Organic Mandya. This zone has a supermarket, an organic food restaurant, and an oil extraction mill.

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