Mayi Gowda

An entrepreneur’s happiest moment is when he is loved by his clients and customers. And no one has experienced it better than Mayi Gowda. Ask any bibliophile in Bangalore where to buy second hand books and they will direct you to Blossoms bookstore on Church Street! Known for his hospitality, Mayi Gowda lets you read books in his bookstore and even brings you coffee. Starting on a pavement to make ends meet with just 1500 books 12 years ago, today Mayi has his store in one of the most sought after locations in the costliest city of India and an enviable collection of over 2,00,000 books which also makes him the largest second hand bookseller in the country. The warehouse-like ambience is somewhat at odds with the coziness regulars associate with the original but it also means displays are better and one can actually find space to sit in the store and read.

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