Peera Ram Bishnoi

Peera Ram Bishnoi is a mechanic who earns his livelihood working at his small puncture repair shop near National Highway-65. But there’s something amazing about the story of this ordinary man. It was a regular day when Peera Ram was travelling from his home towards the highway when a speeding motorist ran over a chinkara (also known as the Indian gazelle). The chinkara was severely hurt and dragged itself across the road before collapsing. Peera Ram paid for the treatment from his own pocket, and when the hospital asked him to take the treated animal to a shelter, he decided to take it home. His home became a shelter for black bucks, deer, peacocks, vultures, rabbits, monkeys and others. In the last decade, he has saved over 1,180 injured wild animals. The shelter, which is a lush farm, is now spread across 2.5 hectares, where 450 animals are cared for. It requires Rs 1 lakh every month. And his group has 2,000 people. His work has inspired people around his village of Dhamana and neighbouring villages to bring him any casualties. This incredible story should inspire many people in protecting the wild life

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