Rajendra Singh: The Waterman of India

Rajendra Singh known as the “Waterman of India”was born on 6th August, 1959 in the Bagpat district in Uttar Pradesh near Meerut. He opted for studying medics, but when he was enrolled for a post in a rural village, he realized that drinking water problems were far worse than health care. He worked whole heartedly, putting in maximum efforts to bring out the solutions to these problems. The ground water in these rural regions were sucked by the crops and the trees leading the water to disappear. With help from the associates and some really innovative techniques he was successful to conserve water for the human race. The good deeds of bringing water to 1000 villages lead him to receive the much deserved award of “Nobel Prize for Water”. The judges of the Stockholm Water Prize stated that his methods have also helped a lot in preventing floods, restoring oil and rivers and bringing back Wildlife

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