Hrithik Roshan And His Immaculate Styling Sense

1. Suit Up!


When it comes to wearing a suit, Hrithik Roshan cannot be beaten. His style in suits is traditional, but he always adds a pinch of his personal style and carries it off effortlessly. But it seems that he is not a huge fan of ties, as Duggu often chooses to ditch the neck embellishments. This little rebellion in an otherwise completely orthodox suit, is extremely refreshing. We love your immaculate and gentlemanly style Hrithik!




2. The Casual look:


The gentlemanly Hrithik maintains his sense of style even when he chooses to dress down. Hrithik has a love for classic tees which he pairs with a variety of lowers. Whether it’s rugged jeans, khakhi chinos, or airy cargos, Hrithik manages to look absolutely stunning in all of them. He also seems to have a love for accessories. With an army of caps and hats, he loves alternating them with his variety of looks. Besides, his aviator sunglasses when clubbed with his Adonis-like good looks can steal the heart of any diva.




3. Hair Mantras:


We love people who experiment with their hair and who better fits the description than Hrithik. The superstar loves to experiment with his hair, hair colour and even his beard. From sporting a scruffy beard to a full grown bush, Hrithik manages to look godly in all of his looks. He experiments with hairstyles too. His hairstyles are always layered, which is perfect for his wavy hair. Seldom has he gone with straight hair, which is a good thing.




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