It is that time of the year again where you’ll notice every other man pulling off a beard, leaving you in wonderment. The craze is because it’s No Shave November, an event devoted to growing awareness about cancer and supporting funds that go towards preventing them. So, let’s see the less-known facts about this event.


1.You are supporting Cancer Awareness :


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When millions of men from across the world unite across the world over growing beard in the month of November every year, it’s not just for fashion, but much more than that. The idea behind starting this is start conversation, to generate awareness about different types of cancer and talk about it openly. It can also get more people to make sure that they are getting regular checks for prostate cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, etc.


2.If are you not doing it properly, you’re not helping for the cause :


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We repeat: No Shave November is not just about growing beard. Ideally, you should be donating money to cancer research organization such as the Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer, etc. that you are saving up on razors and shaving accessories during this month. So, participate in this movement not just to grow beard, but to donate and support the cause.


3.There are a lot of health benefits involved :


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There is more to growing beard than just experimenting with your style or getting a new look. Surprisingly, it has got many health benefits as well. Beard is a natural toxin filter that keeps pollen and dust from getting to your lungs. Apart from this, it also help prevent blemishes. Shaving increases the risk of getting bacteria in your skin and growing beard can fight this off.

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